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The Olympics are starting soon!

And my school is having Canada red/white clothing day on Friday…then I realized I have Canada clothes but none of them are red! How did that happen?! So I was going to go to The Bay yesterday after school/work to buy some but then I stayed longer than I had planned to watch the boys and then girls basketball game at school and it was around 6 by the time I left school so I didn’t have time to go to the mall.

Then today it decided to snow a billion centimetres so that ain’t happening so I guess tomorrow after school it is!

I’m so dedicated…also I just want an excuse to go to the mall since the last time I went shopping was for Christmas! WHAT?!

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

To do list…

This weekend I have to do a French assignment, Music in the Movies homework, practice bassoon and violin (practising probably won’t end up happening…), practice for my conducting assessment, do all of my “Statement of Experiences” for teachers colleges, write an 8-pageish outline for a paper and write a 12-pageish paper for music history on Henry Cowell. It’s all due this week on November 30th, December 1st, and 2nd.

This is one of those most fun weekends I’ve had in a long time! haha ohhhh man. I’m dealing with the stress well. Probably because this is my 4th year and I’m used to it. You’re also probably thinking *why did you leave this all until now?* Well I didn’t. I’ve been working a little big on the things I could have been but I’ve also had 2 essays due and some tests in the past couple of weeks so I’ve been doing my best OKAY?! You’re so judgemental…

I’ll be back to posting random stuff soon enough during my times of not wanting to work :)


I’m so excited now I can’t even concentrate on studying for my biology exam. haha joiawghoiaehgioaeghia (random letters of excitement!)

Today I took my G test

and I passed! on the first try! I’ve learned that I don’t signal early enough. I hate changing lanes. It’s the one thing about driving that stresses me out.

I’m now officially done all of my tests for the summer. I had my english course for university and did my 2 music exams a couple weekends ago!

Back to school in 2 weeks…boo!

Tomorrow I work. I work tomorrow and every day after that until next Thursday. That’s 9 straight days. Next week’s schedule is awful
Monday: 5pm - 1am
Tuesday 5pm - 12am
Wednesday: 5pm-1am
Thursday: 12pm-7pm 

What a wonderful last week of work… NAT!

I got a twitter.

To be honest, I only got it so I can follow Shay Carl, the vlog I watch everyday. I already had him in my bookmarks and I check it every day. Now I’m following his wife, etc. I don’t use internet or anything on my phone so I will only be using it when I’m on the computer.

I still don’t know how I feel about it. 

If you want to follow me, my twitter is “thehauzer”. 

This is me procrastinating studying. muahaha.

Today at work people were extra rude and snarky when ordering their food. I think it was the rainy and extra humid weather. It was raining when walking to work so I wore a rain coat, but it was so humid that the coat was sticking to my arms and I was extra hot! How uncomfortable! It’s like when you go swimming when you’re wearing a t-shirt and then you try and get it off but it’s suctioned to your skin. haha.

I’m hoping to start recording more of my life, but…you know…who wants to watch me study? I would love to record at work because the funniest stuff happens there, but then I’d be unproductive. 

edit: apparently there is a text message option…hmm…

Studying for Music History Exam

I’m at year 1140ish. Hildegard von Bingen. Good times. She was a pretty big deal, and still is. 

This is going to be a long 3 weeks considering I have to do history basically from the middle ages (476-1450) to the Classical era (to 1825ish). At least it’s not to Romantic or later. 

One thing I can be thankful for is that there is no listening portion; but, at the same time, there is a part on the exam where you get a few bars from a piece in print and have to recognize the piece and a bunch of information from it. What is THAT?!

On a totally different note, I burnt my hand the other day at work on the grill pretty bad and two people today were like, “What’s this scar?” and poke it. It hurt and I was convinced that there was a secret memo that went out to poke my burn so I would be in pain haha That mini story was not very interesting. but it was funny at the time. my mind is dead so stop judging!

I’m still alive.

I haven’t posted in a while. I’m too busy for my own good. I had a birthday on June 26th so now I just feel old. I also joined a gym. My legs are in so much pain today it hurts to go up stairs. It’s quite sad. I’m also working full time now at the worst job. I work at McDonald’s. It’s awful, but I probably wouldn’t be able to get a full time job somewhere else at this point. I was supposed to go camping with my dad and step mom at the end of July, but I haven’t saved enough for this coming school year to not work for a week. 

This summer’s gonna suck! lol I hope I do something fun soon…

Tomorrow night I’m going to a concert with my old high school music teacher and other people who were in band. I’d tell you what I’m seeing, but I forget. I’ll let you know after I see it haha. Fail. 

On a side note, Ke$ha’s CD is decent and I enjoy listening to it especially when driving and walking to work. Speaking of which, I’m going to walk to work now for 20 minutes in the hot, hot, humid sun. There will be some sweating taking place. Working until midnight. I hate my job…just to remind you. :D I hope everyone is having a good summer!

stressful day

Today was very stressful. Trying to finish reading stuff for this course so I can actually study. Now I’m forced to leave all of my studying to the day of. 

I attempted to register for all the courses I need and was unsuccessful. It was a headache especially at first because the program was super slow and my internet decided to stop working. I was definitely almost a full hour late for work, but I called ahead of time to tell them.

Work was awful. Was working with sloooow people. There is one guy who gets mad if you criticize him in any way or tell him to do something that he doesn’t want to. Today I told him that he needed to work faster because things were taking too long. Then the bitching started. It turned out to be not TOO busy at work (for the most part) so I left an hour early. My boyfriend really calmed me down so that helped. Now I am much more relaxed.

Tomorrow shall be stressful, and then I’m freeeee!!!!!

Then I get to start preparing for my music exams in August - theory and history. Yay?

Also! I found a clarinet teacher in my city who I think is doing her masters or something…and she is apparently going to Ottawa in September so this works out VERY well. Almost too well…hmm.

You know what really grinds my gears?

When you’re running late for class because you had to buy dinner on the way, so you pay for parking on campus. After paying for the ticket that you put in the little machine that lifts the arm to let you out of the parking lot, someone swiftly pulls in behind you and gets out of the parking lot without paying. Man was I pissed. I put on the brakes, slowed down, they got into the lane to the left of me, I gave them a death stare, cut them off, and drove away. Then I went to go take the fast way home (on the highway), and my exit was cut off leaving me no choice but to go in the opposite direction I wanted to go. It took a little longer to get home. 

Moral of the story: doing illegal stuff/using my money so you don’t have to pay really pisses me off. 

I choose my classes tomorrow at 2 p.m. I literally have no idea what I’m going to do if I don’t get the exact times and classes I want. None. And I work at 3 so it cuts it close…