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I hope I look this beautiful when I’m a mom! Obviously unrealistic but I can always hope!!!! This picture is so cute :)

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I haven’t posted in a while!

Are you sad, or did you forget about me?

Regardless, I’m posting. What to tell you….

Well, I still hate my job. I’m not getting full time hours. I don’t want to actually work full time hours, but I need money. I haven’t actually bought anything with earned money in like a month. So sad. That’s not true. I just lied. But I just checked my account and I have $5.20 in it. So…that’s great. I have to go to the mall tomorrow morning before work to purchase my mother a birthday present. I have no idea what to get her. Today (Sunday, May 30) is her birthday, but she is in Ottawa running a HALF MARATHON!!!! 

I’m such a slacker in comparison haha. I hate running, though. So yes she will be back tomorrow. But I work 3- 11. good times. love my job. lies. 

I’m tired, can you tell? I’m behind in school work…for my ONE course haha. But, with work and volunteering and friends and what not, that’s what happens. I gotta crack the whip! I wanted to have essay topics and ideas picked out for Tuesday, but I really don’t see that happening. 

I still need a clarinet teacher. My old high school teacher said she may have found one. She’s a student doing her…masters?….which I don’t even care about at this point. I just need someone who isn’t an hour away. Need to get details! AND I need to register for music exams tomorrow! AHH!

BUT! I spent a couple hours cleaning my room the other day and everything is actually unpacked from Ottawa now and you can comfortably walk around my room. *borat voice* GREAT SUCCESS!