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Currently reading “Confessions of an English Opium-Eater” by Thomas De Quincey for my english class. Thrilling. Not. It’s far too long and it’s putting me to sleep. I just need to finish it (and hopefully another shorter book I was supposed to read for last week) by tomorrow night’s class. My volunteering is now getting in the way of my school….hmm. Oh well!

No King

I have a test in my English class tomorrow. I don’t remember how to study for English. The professor put up a list of “watchwords, keywords, and bywords”…this should help with this test and the exam. The thing is, is that there are 4 pages of words and they’re all really random. Anything from “1788 ‘climbing boys’ legislation” to “Anna Barbauld” to ” ‘No King’ ” to “giant bat” to “exhausted culture” to “1 in 5 young women”. It’s so random and confusing! In fact, just go look at it yourself.

Click on “1A03 Watchwords, Keywords, and Bywords”. Let’s not have high hopes on this test’s mark, shall we?

Happy McHappy Day!

I’m subscribed to 40 channels on YouTube. Just counted. HA!

Also, I went down to McMaster to purchase my textbooks for my scary english class (that’s another story). Didn’t record anything. Slipped my mind. DANG IT!

Also, today is McHappy Day. I encourage you to go in and donate money or buy a Big Mac or any Happy Meal. A dollar from each along with any donations will go to Ronald McDonald House. 

School is debt.

So I paid another $140 today just to apply to McMaster and I still have to send in some forms. Then I’ll eventually have to pay the actual tuition fee. I would just forget about the whole thing but I’m $200 in the hole now from this…all non-refundable. Effin school.

I’m really excited for school tomorrow! Thursdays are my favourite with classes straight from 10am to 5:30pm with no breaks.

My roommate is just getting home now. It’s 12:45 am. I don’t know why she even bothered turning the door handle….only a crazy person would leave their door unlocked at this hour!


I brought my “letter” of permission to Infoservice (University of Ottawa’s administration) to get it signed so I can send it to McMaster. For a stamp and signature, I was charged $50. I still have to figure out how to actually register for my summer course because apparently no one knows how to actually do it and I have to somehow get this paper to McMaster. This day just keeps getting better and better.

I now have about $250 to last me until the end of the end of the school year and until I start working again and get a pay cheque.


Today I willingly fell off my diet a little. I hadn’t eaten yet and it was well into the afternoon. My friend said she was meeting one of our friends for lunch at F&S and asked if I wanted to come since I was hungry and I agreed because I had no idea what I wanted to eat. I got fatty food. I’ll be back on track tomorrow. I could have just gotten a salad, but there would probably be fatty dressing or something on it anyways and it’s so lame to just get a salad at a restaurant, so may as well make it delish.

Hung out with a friend I know from my floor in residence last year for like 6 hours and we just basically talked the whole time, which I would never see myself doing but we haven’t really talked in months.

I skipped the concerto concert tonight because I had already seen everyone perform at the concerto finals and I honestly didn’t want to go to a concert of just singing and flute. Kinda boring to me. But I met up with a bunch of people at The Royal Oak for drinks. Well…THEY were drinking, but I wasn’t because that’s empty calories plus a lot of money.

I handed in a couple papers today to be “evaluated” by the english department here about whether or not they’ll allow me to take and get credit for an english course at McMaster this spring. Fingers crossed!

My friend Darren auditioned at Curtis today, which is comparable to Juliard. Look them up if you have no idea what I’m talking about…they’re VERY elite music schools. Anyways, he didn’t make it past today so he’ll be here again next year. I’m glad he’ll be here again, but I was also hoping he’d make it into Curtis…but it’s really competitive so I wasn’t holding my breath. Sad. He must be really bummed. C’est la vie.

Tomorrow shall be filled with boring things such as laundry, mall errands, potential groceries, potential homework, etc. Lame. BUT I’m sleeping in…until my roommate wakes me up (hopefully she doesn’t). Brap.