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Les fautes d’orthographe par Norman

Orchestral Harlem Shake

The Beach Boys - I Get Around

Watch this if you want to laugh.

The wonderful effect music and singing can have on people with Alzheimer’s. I’ve seen it first hand.

The Music Theory Song (Intervals Roasting)

Book Club by The Arkells feat. LIGHTS and Aaron Goldstein

The Arkells are from a fabulous city. I am also biased.

Enjoy (p.s. free to download for your iPod listening pleasure)

We Found Love covered by Ingrid Michaelson

It’s not exactly her genre but it’s still cool!

Attempting to lose weight…again…

So I had an (unintentional) early(ish) dinner around 5 (aka a 6” sub) and now I must not eat until bed. I also had 2 cookies. But that’s all I’m going to eat tonight, I swear!!!

Losing weight is so hard for me because to actually lose the weight I have to be super strict on my calories or nothing happens. It was also a lot easier last year when I had more time. Missing my undergrad days only for that reason (I don’t want to write anymore research papers!!)

I think I’ll try to use my Lose It! app again and see how far that takes me. I’m hoping to lose 2-4 pounds by Thanksgiving…probably to gain it all back that weekend lol

p.s. Canadian Thanksgiving, not the American one