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Watch/listen to the variation after 8:00 - CIRCLE BREATHING!!!!!!! :|

Leap Year!

Four years ago today I was in grade 12 and freaking out because my plan for after high school wasn’t working out. I was getting rejection letters for a program I had been planning on getting into at some university and didn’t have a backup. I auditioned at the local college as my backup and got in on the spot. But that wasn’t good enough for me because I wanted to go to university so I could become a teacher. 

I wanted to go to university to get a Bachelor of Music degree. I wanted to get it from the University of Western Ontario. None of that was going to happen. What was I going to do? Why didn’t I realize that I wasn’t going to be accepted into this program before? I was misinformed that if you want to audition to play piano, you had to have started at the age of 3 and be so amazing and practice at least 3 hours a day. I was a little angry because I had no idea and if I had known I would have taken private lessons in clarinet and just auditioned in clarinet and would have gotten my Bachelor of Music with that. 

My plan C became to take a year off and study and practice clarinet a lot and audition with that the following year. But I wanted to go to university NOW!

In my rejection letter from the University of Ottawa, (which only accepts 6 pianists per year - that made me feel less harsh on myself once I found that out in my first year) it briefly mentioned that I could take this other music program - a bachelor of arts with a major in music. I had never thought of that before and I had no idea it even existed. I decided to just apply. Initial applications were due 2 months before that but I decided to try anyways. 

I was deciding whether to go to Mohawk College or not since I had been accepted. That basically became my plan because I wanted to continue being in school. Then one day I casually checked online and I had been accepted for this program I hadn’t heard of or considered at UOttawa. I was so excited but I still had to consider my options for a bit.

I accepted the offer and now I’m about to graduate once again. From the University of Ottawa. My degree will be: Honours Bachelor of Arts with Specialization in Music with a Minor in French as a Second Language. This was the best program for me because it allowed me to take the same courses as all the bachelor of music students but it was even better - I didn’t have the pressure of practicing for hours a day. I did take lessons my first year and I had a jury for both the fall and winter semesters, but after that I stopped and for once was able to just play and practice piano for pleasure. I didn’t have to stress about how much I was practicing on top of my courses. I obviously did not want to become a concert pianist - I wanted to go into education. This program suited me.

Now once again I have the stress, like I did four years ago during another leap year, of waiting to hear from teachers colleges. They don’t do early acceptances so I have to wait until April 2nd. I will probably be online at midnight of the 1st/into the 2nd to see. I really hope that I get into my first choice - Western. I don’t really have a favoured second choice, but I’m really just hoping to get into somewhere. 

A lot has changed in these 4 years. Mostly just that I have worked so hard for this degree and I really feel like I deserve it. I have also had relationship changes for the better and have grown closer to my close friends. 

Who knows what my life will be like during the next leap year! 2016! Seems so far away.

To do list…

This weekend I have to do a French assignment, Music in the Movies homework, practice bassoon and violin (practising probably won’t end up happening…), practice for my conducting assessment, do all of my “Statement of Experiences” for teachers colleges, write an 8-pageish outline for a paper and write a 12-pageish paper for music history on Henry Cowell. It’s all due this week on November 30th, December 1st, and 2nd.

This is one of those most fun weekends I’ve had in a long time! haha ohhhh man. I’m dealing with the stress well. Probably because this is my 4th year and I’m used to it. You’re also probably thinking *why did you leave this all until now?* Well I didn’t. I’ve been working a little big on the things I could have been but I’ve also had 2 essays due and some tests in the past couple of weeks so I’ve been doing my best OKAY?! You’re so judgemental…

I’ll be back to posting random stuff soon enough during my times of not wanting to work :)

"La Goutte"by Le Groupe swing. We had to watch this for one of my French classes last year and discuss their accent, etc. I just thought of it and couldn’t remember the name of it so now I’m putting it on my tumblr so I can always find it!

Le Willi Waller! haha this is too funny. I hope you all understand French!

In the next 2 weeks I have to…

1. Do a presentation including editing a video and making activities for the class to do

2. Do a bunch of writing assignments in French to complete a portfolio - 3+

3. Attend 2 concerts and 4 recitals

4. Study for and write (including listening portion and written essay portion) a Survey of Music in Canada final exam (50% of mark)

5. Study for and write a biology exam

6. Continue making ads, responding to e-mails, showing my apartment to find a roommate

7. Continue sending cover letters/resumes and making phone calls to find a summer job working with children

8. Continue volunteering full days on Mondays and Thursdays at an elementary school

9. Pack to go home for the summer

I literally have 2 weeks to accomplish all of this. Finding a roommate is like a part time job. It’s times like these I’m glad I do not have a job while in school. I should have had a roommate by now, but people are incapable of being responsible and/or making decisions. 

On a bright note, I’m seeing the Orchestre National de France on the 11th. Even though it’s 2 days before my History exam and I should probably be studying during that time… But they’re playing Debussy’s “La mer”, Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G major, and “The Rite of Spring” by Stravinsky. THE RITE OF SPRING!!! Be jealous…of only that. Probably not the rest of my stressful life, because that would just be stupid.

I hope your lives are going much better!

I have a presentation due Friday.

It’s for my oral French class and it is a GROUP PROJECT! like everything else…but I’m actually only working with one other person because there weren’t the right number in the class to have all groups of threes. We have to analyze/discuss a documentary, do handouts, powerpoint, exercises, etc. It’s this Friday and I couldn’t start until technically last night because I didn’t even know who my partner was or their e-mail until last night when I e-mailed the prof. We chose our groups the 2nd to last class before reading week and I’m not very forward and I have no friends in my French classes (lol) so I didn’t have a group and could only write my name down on the paper in a date and find out who my partner is another time! The next class was a midterm that went the whole class and you just left when you were done, so I couldn’t meet them then. Then it was reading week. Then the class after reading week was cancelled. Then my partner wasn’t even in class this past class. And here I was less than a week away from the presentation date and I have no idea who the heck my partner is so I just e-mailed the prof. I meant to ask her at the end of class, but I forgot because my brain is always dead by the end of Fridays. 

So anyways. Documentaries in French are basically impossible to find online! I went to the National Film Board website and I found some potentially good ones and then they all ended up being kind of “trailers” and you had to buy the DVD. Luckily I found one that’s actually a full documentary on there. I’m hoping it’s good because I’m tired of looking and need to get to work! AHH!

Tomorrow is Tuesday. PANCAKE Tuesday. I’m most likely going to my friend Carolyn’s with a bunch of my friends and we’re all going to mow down on pancakes. Everyone is bringing an ingredient…I was going to bring chocolate chips, but someone called it before me, so I’m bringing whipped cream. I was at the grocery store yesterday but of course I completely forgot to buy some…I’m hoping Mac’s Milk sells it (and not for too much of a ridiculous price) so I don’t have to trudge to the grocery store. Trying to walk in this city is a disaster. It’s just ice, snow, slush, and various combinations everywhere. I haven’t seen a bare sidewalk in MONTHS! If I told you I slipped on ice this morning while walking to a school I volunteer at, would you laugh? I would. Good thing it didn’t happen! …

Shut it.

Damien Robitaille - Je tombe

 - I wish I knew about this guy a long time ago. Check out his other songs on YouTube too. His videos and songs are really good!

Remember when lifejackets were called lifebelts…(alluding to Titanic)? Me either. I’ve only heard it in Titanic. Today when I was volunteering in a French class these 2 girls couldn’t find lifejacket in the french/english dictionary so they asked me for help and I realized that the dictionary just calls it lifebelt. Get with the times Collins dictionary! Honestly.

Funny and True Story

Context: I am volunteering at an elementary school by my house. This instance was in a french class of grade 8’s learning about “le comparatif”.

[Side note: the word context makes me thing of something that my current English professor always says - “Every text has a context.”]

So, “le comparatif” is obviously where you are comparing things in a sentence. For example, “Je suis plus blonde que Nathalie.” meaning I am more blonde than Natalie.

I’m going around the class and helping students write their sentences. One student writes, “Nick est plus noir que moi.” - Nick is more black than me. I thought it was hilarious.