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Homemade poutine with St. Albert cheese curds. Awwwww yeah. #delicious #food #poutine #quebec #fat

The PEI Burger. And fresh-cut fries. And garlic aeoli. So good. #charlottetown #pei #food (at The Big Orange Lunchbox)

Eating at The Big Orange Lunchbox in Charlottetown. It was on ‘You Gotta Eat Here’, so the expectations are high! #charlottetown #pei #roadtrip #food #yougottaeathere (at The Big Orange Lunchbox)

Attempting to lose weight…again…

So I had an (unintentional) early(ish) dinner around 5 (aka a 6” sub) and now I must not eat until bed. I also had 2 cookies. But that’s all I’m going to eat tonight, I swear!!!

Losing weight is so hard for me because to actually lose the weight I have to be super strict on my calories or nothing happens. It was also a lot easier last year when I had more time. Missing my undergrad days only for that reason (I don’t want to write anymore research papers!!)

I think I’ll try to use my Lose It! app again and see how far that takes me. I’m hoping to lose 2-4 pounds by Thanksgiving…probably to gain it all back that weekend lol

p.s. Canadian Thanksgiving, not the American one


Roast pork with butternut squash ravioli (with sage and crumbled amaretto cookies) and green beans. 

Follow this guy if you want to secretly hate him for always having delicious meals!!!

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Why aren’t there

personal chefs available free of charge during exams? I don’t have time to make food! TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! 

Hungry with no time to cook!

WHAT DO IT DO?!?! I definitely do NOT want Subway again. If only dinner wouldn’t take an hour of my time….bah!

Do you ever get hungry but you don’t do anything about it so you get this gradual headache? I’m thinking I’ll just let it keep growing until it’s so big that I can’t stand it and I just make myself eat something that I find (hopefully food-related).

Hopefully I can just finish this teachers college application so I will be okay with making food!


I hope you’re having a relaxing day :)

2 Thanksgivings?!

All the youtube vlogs that I watch are all from the US and they all had huge thanksgiving dinners and now I want thanksgiving dinner again! I think we should have TWO thanksgivings. The second weekend in October until Christmas is far too long to go without seeing family, I’ve decided. I’m craving some leftovers! Like turkey sandwiches? mmm now I’m just making myself more hungry. 

The good news is I don’t have to worry about working out to work off all those calories? Nah I should be doing that anyways. I gotta stop being lazy! I blame school.

Speaking of lazy, I hate that the US puts NO new shows up during the week of Thanksgiving! :( I need my shows! lol

Eaten Hallowe’en candy. The last kids are the funniest.

I want to eat FIVE of these. I saw some in the grocery store (well, similar ones) and it was so hard to say no.

I want to eat FIVE of these. I saw some in the grocery store (well, similar ones) and it was so hard to say no.

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