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The Olympics are starting soon!

And my school is having Canada red/white clothing day on Friday…then I realized I have Canada clothes but none of them are red! How did that happen?! So I was going to go to The Bay yesterday after school/work to buy some but then I stayed longer than I had planned to watch the boys and then girls basketball game at school and it was around 6 by the time I left school so I didn’t have time to go to the mall.

Then today it decided to snow a billion centimetres so that ain’t happening so I guess tomorrow after school it is!

I’m so dedicated…also I just want an excuse to go to the mall since the last time I went shopping was for Christmas! WHAT?!

Book Club by The Arkells feat. LIGHTS and Aaron Goldstein

The Arkells are from a fabulous city. I am also biased.

Enjoy (p.s. free to download for your iPod listening pleasure)


Jerry: Why are you calling my parents?
Kramer: Well, maybe if you called more often, I wouldn’t have to. Listen, is it all right if I watch a tape in here?
Jerry: Why here?
Kramer: Well, I’m taping Canadian Parliament, you know on C-Span.
Jerry: Ok…
Kramer: Is it all right if I watch it in your bedroom, cause your bed is really nice?
Jerry: Fine…
Kramer: Ok!
[Newman runs in with two boxes of popcorn.]
Jerry: No no no no no no no no no no! I do not want that in here!
Kramer: Blood!
Jerry: All right.

(via The Blood)

Who watches C-Span?! lol

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Brown Bears Fishing!!

This cub was constantly running to keep up with its mother as she fished. It tried everything that she did. When she stood up to scout the river for salmon, the little bear stood up too, using his mom for support.

by Tom Savage

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I almost forgot about this video….makes me laugh every time. 





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They didn’t have this in the states?!?! No wonder…..

They didn’t have this in the states?!?! No wonder…..

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3 more months until I’m done!

3 more months until I’m done!

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